Safety Policy

PetroRecôncavo is aware of its responsibility to manage the impact of its activities, products and services on Society.

It declares the commitment of all of its employees to cont have Health, Safety, inuously improve its performance with regards to Health, Safety and the Environment, with the aim of attaining excellence in all business activities.

It seeks to work in partnership with its clients, suppliers, service providers and the community, operating based on innovative and quality standards, which strive for a sustainable development.

Therefore, PetroRecôncavo adopts the following principles:

  • Tothe Environment and Sustainability (HS&E), as inseparable values from the Oil and Gas Exploration and Production business;
  • To assume that risk prevention and HS&E management is everyone’s responsibility;
  • To promote the development of its employees, through training and motivation on HS&E matters, allowing for and encouraging two-way communication, so that they act proactively, both within and outside of the working environment;
  • To apply the best managerial practices and feasible technical solutions, to go beyond merely complying with legislation, establishing prevention and continuous improvement strategies by properly identifying hazards and controlling risks;
  • To ensure the sustainability of projects and products throughout their complete life cycle:

– Considering the incorporation of appropriate technologies which minimize adverse consequences for HS&E;

– Guaranteeing resources, installations and suitable conditions for all of its employees; and

– Observing the impact of these actions, together with the affected communities.

  • To continuously improve HS&E performance, establishing challenging goals and objectives, measuring and evaluating the results obtained and taking the necessary actions for continuous improvement.

Therefore, PetroRecôncavo, declares itself as a socially and environmentally responsible company, formed by a motivated, competent and innovative team, which is striving to produce value for its shareholders, employees, clients, suppliers, service providers and the surrounding communities, contributing to the well-being of Society as a whole.