Mission, Vision and Values


To maximize the recovery of oil reserves from onshore mature fields with efficient operational cost structure, transforming natural resources into wealth in a sustainable form.


To be the safest, most efficient and most lucrative oil and gas onshore operator in Brazil, being recognized for its ethical, transparent, responsible, just and efficient management.

Values and Principles

  • Safety and Sustainability: We want to be the operator of reference in terms of safety of our employees and  compliance and respect to the environment, the laws and regulations and in the good relationship with the neighboring communities.
  •  High Performance: We have to provide an attractive return for our shareholders, what in turn allows us to reinvest in the growth of the business. For this, we must seek continuous improvements through innovations, the incorporation of best practices and investments in the qualification of our work force.
  • Productivity: To guide our activities by productivity kpis that include the return of the investments, the efficiency of the processes and the productive and lucrative allocation of human, physical and financial resources.
  • Austerity: Every employee shall deal with the company´s resources as he deals with his own personal resources.
  • Teamwork: Together we can make better decisions and achieve results that are greater than the sum of each one of us. We shall promote inside our company the attitude of a winning team: enthusiasm, devotion and the union in the search of common objectives.
  • Transparency: Work relations based on mutual trust and prompt, objective, clear and honest report of information.
  • Integrity in businesses: To act with honesty, integrity and respect to the laws in all the aspects of our activities, demanding the same in our relationship with partners and suppliers.